Where to buy your cryptocurrencies

There seems to be no end to the rise in Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin currently standing at just under $10,000.

I have been steadily buying Bitcoin, Eutherium and Litecoin from my broker Coinbase, a little each month whether it's going up or down. Just keep plugging away as I believe it still has a long way to go.

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Of course along that path it will drop a huge amount, bounce back and then continue.

It's the nature of these things.

I suppose the question is - when or should I convert back to "real" money, fiat money that countries seem to print with abandon. Do I have to? If I can buy a house, car, holiday or whatever with Bitcoin maybe I should just leave it as a Bitcoin?

I bumped into an old friend recently who asked how the trading was going.

Fantastic I said.

He then asked whether I traded Bitcoin. No not really I replied (I have bought them to hold but not to trade as you would any other currency with a broker).

He then smiled a huge grin and mentioned that 2 years ago he bought £8,000 ($12,000) in Bitcoins as his son said that it might be worth a punt! He admits he knows nothing about them other than it's made him a lot of "real" money. 

Again, his dilemma is what to do with them, hold them, convert them, what?

Well, I left him smiling and was really pleased for him.

I then fired up the phone and bought a few more of my own - you have got to be in it to win it!

I have created a list, by country, of where you can buy Cryptocurrencies online through a broker, market or exchange and posted to my website. Click here to see the list of where you can buy Cryptocurrencies.

Maybe now's the time!

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