Can Experts Really Save You Money?

Experts Really Save You Money?

ask because I was chatting with our gardener the other day and we were
discussing pruning, seeding, planting for the garden and it made me wonder –
is hiring an expert a good thing?

I had a gardener (the days before I discovered what real financial freedom
meant) I used to mow the lawn, trim the hedges etc etc myself. Of course the
garden was a lot smaller then so the job was easier as it took less time
but now with a bigger garden it could easily suck up my expensive time.
that I can afford to hire a gardener it makes sense. Before I would make do
with tools that were inferior, worn out and my skill level was minimal – I
like a good looking garden but do not have the time or inclination to work on
it’ more than that.
My time is valuable to me.
it I can work on my businesses,trade my Forex and Stocks, manage my
properties and look for new money making investments. I pay our gardener
Martin for his expertise less than I would pay myself and for what I could
earn in that same hour with my investments.
same goes for learning how to trade.
I started out and I did it all myself, I read the books, watched the video’s,
tried and made mistakes (some were expensive!) and it took ages because I was
doing it on my own without expert help – ie paying someone to teach me rather
than blundering around on my own getting disheartened and not really getting
it. Boy do I wish I was smarter then.
I learnt my lesson and now I am always on the lookout to learn from the
experts and people that have been successful in whatever niche I am
interested in – I then
copy them and their success
example, next week I am spending a couple of days with top Options Trader
Seam Allison to better understand the whys and wherefores of Stock
Options Trading – where you don’t actually buy any shares just the
option. I saw Sean in action a few weeks back and knew I just had to sign up
to his program. It fits nicely alongside the Forex trading I already do as its a set and forget
would really recommend having a look at Sean’s webinar (it’s FREE to watch)
and see if this easy way of making real money with a minimal investment works
for you. 

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