Forex Reading List

Reading List

Here is my reading list that you may find helpful. It contains forex and trading related as well as mindset and other useful subject matter.

I used to buy books as paperback, hardback depending on my mood! I then started to take lots of books on holiday but found that the weight limits imposed by the carriers started to cost me significantly ( a suitcase full of book starts to add up!). I then got into the Kindle reader on my iPad but found that even that after time was a bit heavy so now I use an Amazon Kindle for all my book reading, its cheap, lightweight, it has a long battery life and works really well when sitting on the beach in the sun!

Update! I have also found that listening to the book in audio form really helps to reinforce what I am reading or thinking about. So much so that I now grab audio copies using Audible. I have complete collections of radio series on the iPhone (I love Ed Readon's week!) as well as audio copies of technical books, entertainment (I love to relax and listen to Sherlock Holmes for example or well know biographies - why don't you try it and listen to the difference?). You can also get a great deal when buying both at the same time!

My Personal Reading List

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