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I thought it fair that you should know a little more about me and how I got into trading Stocks ‘n’ Shares and Forex. Well my journey started a while back.

You see for many years I have worked hard. Long hours developing software for others. I’m good at it if I say so myself. The down side, which I came to realise a bit too late in life, is that as we get older we don’t want to be flogging our guts out for someone else for ever. We want to start to enjoy the fruits of our labours. (You know, the dream boards with the pictures of what you are aiming for, the Aston Martin, the holiday villa, the millionaire must have’s etc etc).

It started when the family flew to San Francisco from the UK for a holiday back in 2007 (the pound was 2:1 to the dollar $ - imagine!). You see, I love buying a few books and magazines at the airport (disclosure: I love books) to while away the hours of the flight and to ease me in to holiday mode (no IPad just yet). Well I read a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (so did my wife) and I can say it has changed our lives.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Cover

Robert does a brilliant job of illuminating the darkness of your mind, wherein lies the ways and means of creating a life you love and having the financial means to achieve what you desire through various income streams that pump money into your account whilst you sleep. Something a JOB (Just Over Broke won’t do).

As I write this in 2017 it seems a bit obvious but at the time is was a revelation. We have gone on from that point to create various income streams through property, selling on Amazon, Social Media Marketing and Forex trading.

My wife and I had done the property training and had a few properties which rent out very nicely thank you but it was time to try my hand at something else. I had spoken to a good friend of mine that had come across an automated Forex trading system. I was intrigued as to what it was and how it worked.

I quickly jumped on the bandwagon, thought that “well this looks easy”, topped up my account and started to trade. It was a bit like stepping into a brand new bright red Ferrari having just turned 17 with my just issued provisional driving licence. I crashed at the first bend. The car was a write off and I was shaken (but not stirred).

Since that day I have promised myself that I would master the skills required to trade successfully and that would allow me to trade from anywhere in the world. As you can see I had great ambitions, I wanted to be able to trade from home here in the UK and then pack the laptop, head off wherever and Keep on Trading so I taught myself the basics of stock market and forex trading. Of course in those days the software, brokers and systems were much more basic than they are today so it was a steep learning curve.

Once I has spent some serious time (and money) sifting through, trying out, reading, experimenting and of course trading I finally started to come good and understand how it all worked and the best way of taming it to make some money. Another income stream. Another step closer to financial freedom and fulfilment of my goals.

Even though I really enjoy the trading aspects and understanding the fundamentals and technical aspects (seeing the charts react on non-farm payrolls day can be pure Adrenalin) I wanted to make some serious money so it had to be run like a business. Efficient, low risk, high reward kind of business.

Once I really understood that it’s all about mind-set and risk management I realised that all I needed to do was to find a strategy that I could implement that would allow me to spend no more than 15 minutes a day checking in on the trades (no staring at a screen for 8 hours a day for me!). I believe now that I have a number of strategies that do just that.

I’ve also developed a number of automated trading robots that work 24x7 – buts that’s another story!

Chipper 3 Algo 2015

Chipper3 Algo 2016

Of course I had a few setbacks, who hasn’t. I’ve met good brokers, bad brokers and liquidated brokers (hands up those who got caught out when Alpari went bust in the UK a couple of years back? ) thankfully I got my money back through the FCA on that one and lived to trade another day.

One of my goals was to share my knowledge with you (see my E-book Forex Trading for Beginners for starters).

I was shocked when I heard that over 85% of retail traders lose money! That’s incredible, I want to reduce that figure and I believe it can be done. That’s why I started my blog, www.deckchairtrader.com and various social media sites twitter.com/deckchairtrader facebook.com/deckchairtrader to spread the word.

I want to share with you how I trade, how other experts trade and make money through good quality articles, books, videos and webinars – live trading!

Stay tuned, sign up to my newsletters (and take advantage of me FREE gift) and let’s get started!

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