Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Finding The Right FX Broker - I'll tell you the shocking truth

You can't trade without a broker, right?

They are the middle men you have to go through if you want to trade Forex as a retail client (ie you and me)

I've had a few flaky ones over the years, those that have gone broke on me, those that just seem to attract bad publicity for some really dodgy dealings and those that just seem more interested in taking your money than giving it back.

A brokers role is to act as middle man between you and the markets, the big banks and institutions. You deposit your trading pot with them and trade with that pot buying and selling your trades through the broker.

You put money in - you trade - you make a profit - you take your money out.

Sounds simple but lots to go wrong - believe me. (Think Alpari Jan 2015 )

So you really MUST watch this short video where I'll tell you the things you must consider BEFORE you make your choice. You won't regret it!

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