Monday, 13 February 2017

Top 11 Trading Forex Mistakes You Should Avoid - 3 of 11

No Patience.

Impatient woman checking her watch
Faster, Faster!

The reason most people want to get into trading is to make money, lots of it. However most schemes seem to offer an instant path to riches. Sadly it’s not so easy. It takes time for a trade to make some real pips and hence make you some real money.
It can take hours, days or weeks for a trade to close out depending on the timeframe and style of trading. Now there are traders scalping the markets for a few pips and doing it many times a day but these are seasoned professionals who love spending time at their trading terminal grabbing a few pips here and there.
Most beginners should keep well clear of these strategies and stick to the longer timeframes. It takes a lot of patience to wait days or weeks for a trade to close but all the time it’s slowly clocking up profits.

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